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Privacy Policy

In Alfa Assets Group Ltd. we believe that security and privacy of your personal data is the highest priority, that is why we follow the policy of using and managing the data and information provided by our customers.

1. Information protection and confidentiality policy

1.1. Alfa Assets Group Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) takes appropriate measures in case of misuse, altering and/or loss of the information that was requested by the Company and provided by the customers in order to conduct the operations with the Company.

1.2. The information, provided during various operations via online services, and information, provided by the computers and browsers of the customers, including the IP-address (Internet Protocol), software and hardware characteristic, the webpage and/or requested services, is stored and registered on the Company`s servers, protected by the authentication procedure requiring username and password in order to get access to the platform.

1.3. Physical and procedural measures of protection are also applicable

1.4. The Company may use the customer’s personal information and data to offer the Company`s services and products. Nevertheless, the Compliance team is obliged to keep confidential the data, provided by the customers, that is required for opening, activation and closing the accounts, as well as on order to provide support and deal with requests and demands of the customers, using the services, provided by the Company.

1.5. The Company is not responsible for the customers` use of the information and personal data, as well as for the data provided to the registered customers.

2. Purpose and scope of the required information

2.1. The information required by the Company from the customers belongs exclusively to by the Company, is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to third parties. Such information and data are used for the purposes of conducting the financial transactions, authorized by the customers, generating the internal reports and service reports aimed to deal with the customers` requests and improve the Company`s services, to conduct market research and contact the customers.

2.2. The Company also requests the information about the co-beneficiary or beneficiary, which together will form the notion "Client".

3. Requested information

3.1. The information required by the Company will be, as follows (including, but not limited to):

a) Full name of the customer(s),

b) Identity document of the customer(s),

c) Nationality, age, sex and occupation of the customer(s),

d) Address of the customer(s),

e) The last four digits of the credit cards and/or debit cards of the customer(s) (in case of making a deposit to the trading account with the Company via the bank card),

f) The payment slip (in case of making a deposit to the trading account with the Company via the bank transfer),

g) Mobile and landline numbers,

h) Email of the customer(s),

i) The information required according to the applicable legislation.

3.2. Proper fulfilment of the requirements and procedures is crucial for conducting operations and/or commercial transactions, which is needed for the Company to be able to provide services to its Clients.

4. Restrictions and limitations

4.1. The customers of the Company must be of a full legal age.

4.2. The Company deems the information, provided by the Customer, to be full, true and accurate.

5. The use and supply of information

5.1. The Company requests information and personal data of the customers in order to provide them the Company`s services, access to the platform and/or conduct financial transactions with the Company. In case of emergency, the Company can also use the information provided by its partners, suppliers and/or other companies.

5.2. The Company shall not transfer, cede, sell or rent any information or personal data of its customers.

5.3. The Company may disclose such information after the prior authorization of the customer in order to provide services or operations requested by the customer, as well as in the following circumstances:

a) by order of the court, in compliance with procedures and/or legal requirements; in case of illegal activities such as cons, frauds and/or any situations that endanger the safety of any person and in cases of breach the Terms and Conditions of the Company or in any other circumstances upon the requirement of the applicable legislation or in cases when the Company needs legal defense against a claim, complaint or demand of the customer. It is important to note that in these cases the Customer(s) will be duly notified according to the legislative norms and/or this Privacy Policy.

b) in case of provision of activities, promotions and services by the Company and for realizing the activities, appearing from its legal nature.

c) in case of transfer, acquisition or merger of the Company, in the case of which the Company will notify its customers beforehand.

6. Cookies policy

6.1. The Company authorizes the placement of cookies by third party advertisers, and in this case The Company shall not be responsible for any websites provided by such advertisers. However, the advertisers or companies will have access to the cookies of The Company.

7. Modifications

7.1. The Company reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Policy in cases when it is necessary for updating it according to the applicable legislation.