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Risk Disclosure

1. Introduction

The Company recommends to read carefully the information about the risks that is contained in this document before opening a trading account and beginning to work with the Company. Nevertheless, this document does not contain a complete list of risks, involved in margin trading, and their explanation. The present document is aimed to clear up in general terms the character of such risks.

2. Rates and taxes

2.1. The company can charge certain fees for the provision of service. The information about such fees is contained on the Company`s webpage and/or the Platform. The Client shall be responsible for the awareness of changes of such fees.

2.2. If some fees are not expressed in cash equivalent (but, for example, as the contract cost percentage), the Client has to make sure he realizes the process of charging of these fees.

2.3 The Company provides neither tax consultations nor guarantees, that no tax will be payable. The Client shall bear responsibility for the payment of any applicable taxes or fees.

2.4 The Prices of the Company are set by the Company and may differ from the prices, published in other sources. For this reason, they may not coincide with the market prices for the moment of carrying out the transaction.

3. The third parties risks

3.1 The Company has the right to transmit the funds, received from the customer, to the third party (intermediary broker, bank, clearing house, etc.) for holding or management for the purpose of accomplishment of the transaction through the third party or in affiliation with it and also for the fulfilment of the customer’s obligation to provide collateral in respect of a transaction. The Company does not bear responsibility for any acts or omissions of such third party.

3.2 The Company may pass the Client’s funds to the depository`s account with the right of lien or right of set-off in relation to that money.

3.3 The interests of bank and/or broker that collaborate with the Сompany, may conflict with the interests of the Client.

4. Insolvency

4.1 The insolvency or default of the Company may lead to the positions liquidation or close out without prior consent of the Client.

5. Technical risks

5.1 The Company is not responsible for: hardware and software failure, server defects, Internet failures and other malfunctions in the course of work with electronic systems, as well as for the damage and/or material losses that may occur due to these failures, (including foregone profits and missed opportunity), and/or in consequence of Client’s inability to access the Company`s website and/or platform, or a delay, and/or inability to execute an order or transaction.

5.2 The Company does not guarantee that the information transmitted by e-mail is protected from an unauthorized access.

5.3 Hereby the Client confirms that he/she is aware that the trade on the Company`s platform is connected with the risk of financial losses that might be the consequence of:

5.3.1 Failures of the Client’s software and low quality connection.

5.3.2 Failures of the Client’s hardware.

5.3.3 Incorrect installation of the Client’s terminal.

5.3.4 Delay of updating of the Client´s terminal.

5.4 Also hereby the Client confirms that he/she is aware of:

5.4.1 The orders in the queue are executed consequently.

5.4.2 Closing of the order does not mean its cancellation.

5.4.3 Repeating the order before getting the execution of the previously sent order means that the Client accepts the risk of conducting two operations instead of one.

6. The information exchange between the Client and the Company.

6.1 The Company is not responsible for loss, damage and missed profits if the Client did not receive or received some announcements or information from the Company with delay.

6.2 Hereby the Client confirms that he/she is aware that the safety of the plaintext information transmitted by e-mail cannot be guaranteed, and the company is not responsible for an unauthorized access to the information in the moment of its transmission between the Company and the Client.

7. Force majeure and abnormal market conditions

7.1 As described in the Terms and Conditions, the Company is not responsible for any kind of damage that was a result of the force majeure situation or any abnormal market conditions, inter alia, if the period of the order execution was longer than a normal period or if its execution was impossible.

8. The risks of CFD trading

8.1. The CFD trading involves substantial risk of partial or total loss of invested funds. The Company and/or its representatives do not provide any guarantees of profit and against losses in the process of trading. Hereby the Client confirms that he/she is aware and accepts the risks related to the margin trading and accepts possible losses. Consequently, before beginning to trade the Client must make sure that he/she:

8.1.1 is aware of all possible risks, involved in margin trading;

8.1.2 evaluates properly his financial state, way of living and may afford to lose his/her investments;

8.1.3 has the necessary knowledge of the CFD trading, the basic assets and markets.

8.2 The Company does not provide to the Client investment recommendations. Before opening a position, the Client may be consulted by an independent financial consultant. If after the consultation the Client does not understand the risks involved in CFD trading, the Company recommends the Client not to start trading.

8.3 The Company sets the prices of the orders execution, nevertheless these prices are formed on the basis of the underlying assets or market, it involves the risks connected with the underlying assets and markets because the price movement of the underlying asset or market influences directly on the trading result.

8.4 If the Client failed to comply with the requirement of Margin Call, his positions could be closed automatically and in this case the Client will be responsible for the losses and damages.

8.5. The placement of the orders aimed to limit losses (stop loss, stop limit and so on) cannot guarantee the limitation of possible losses.

8.6 The Company is not responsible for the losses emerged in case of impossibility of the Client’s order execution at the requested prices.

8.7 Margin trading implicates work with comparatively small amount of personal funds from the point of view of the total cost of the contract, so relatively small movement on the underlying market can influence significantly on the results of the Client’s trading.

8.9 Options buying involves a lower level of risk than options selling because the maximum loss is limited by the certain sum that consists of the reward and commission or other transaction charges.

8.10 The over-the-counter markets may have high liquidity, however the Client has to keep in mind that dealing with such kind of markets involves a high level of risk. Also the Client has to know that the Company uses the systems of online trading that are not considered as a recognized stock exchange for conducting the CFD transactions, because they are not a multifaceted trading platform and consequently they do not have the same security level.

8.11 There is no delivery of an underlying asset, consequently the Client will not obtain the rights for the underlying asset relating to the traded CFD.

8.12. In certain circumstances, e. g. in case with of market volatility, the slippage can happen (the slippage is a difference between the expected price of CFD transaction and price of its real execution).